Our Services


  • Desk assessment

  • Technical and economic analysis and optimisation

  • Risk assessment

  • Preparation and sharing of solutions

  • Definition of SLAS and KPIs



  • Implementation of design choices

  • Integration of security technologies, ICT and human resources

  • Preparation of technical and operational manuals for contract management


Problem Solving

  • Continuous monitoring and management of the contract

  • Periodical steering committees

  • Application of the Quality Programme



  • 24/7 Operations Centre

  • Centralisation of alarm and video alarm alerts

  • Video surveillance and video inspections

  • Inspections with electronic certification of the activity

  • Cyber Guard – Virtual Garrison


Security Systems

  • Design, installation and maintenance of security systems

    • Access control

    • CCTV and remote video control devices

    • Audio EVAC systems

  • Security Engineering

  • Security System Integration


Cyber Security

  • IT security consultancy

    • Assessment

    • Compliance

    • Risk assessment

    • IT security assessment

    • Business Continuity

  • Security engineering

    • Access management

    • System database monitoring

    • IT and event security management

    • Situational & User Awareness

  • IT security strategies

    • Risk management

    • Centralised event assessment

Security Intelligence

  • o Fiduciary concierge and reception services

  • Cyber Reception – Virtual Reception

  • Switchboard and mailroom management

  • Access control for people and goods

  • Services aimed at preserving and ensuring the smooth running of real estate and personal property

  • Assistance at fairs, exhibitions and museums

  • Fire prevention and first aid

  • Training courses, security at all levels